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From our worker-owned co-op, straight to your living room!

Since 2019, New York State of Pine has helped discerning customers throughout the five boroughs bring home the fullest, most verdant Christmas trees.

Let our experts take the guesswork out of finding the perfect tree for your home this holiday season!

With demand for real Christmas trees surging, it can be hard to find a quality tree at a reasonable price. By avoiding big tree brokers and partnering directly with small farmers we both maintain competitive prices without sacrificing fullness, shape, or freshness. We select trees from farms rooted in sustainable practices, and our experts only select show-quality trees.


Starting in the faint rays of the spring sun on through the blustery beginnings of late fall, our expert tree scouts have scoured from Nova Scotia to North Carolina in search of the finest firs the east has to offer. Whether you prefer the aroma of a Balsam or the robust and sturdy feel of a Fraser, we will find your perfect holiday centerpiece. Feel free to visit our physical locations in Prospect Heights, Williamsburg or Park Slope, or save the schlep, order online and get free installation.

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